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Our Artefacts

Artefact - derived from Latin arte (“by skill”) and facio (“to make”). In sum, a gallery of precious items from our Past

Keeping Fun Afloat


Back in the day, Junior Colleges offered the "First Three Months" program that allowed potential students to have a taste of JC life before the release of their actual O-level results. The annual Chinese New Year floats parade was a signature event in TJC, featuring ultra-detailed, imaginatively designed and painstakingly made floats that were proudly paraded for all to see and admire.  Here we can see a sample of a snake gloriously perched on top of our iconic Administration Block. Such a marvel of hardwork and creativity juxtaposed onto the current day. 

Sculpting the Future 

Sculpted by esteemed cultural medallion recipient, Mr Ng Eng Teng, this Ciment-fondu mural takes centre stage in TJC, flanking the walls of the Administration Block foyer and greeting visitors to the college. This masterpiece spanning 10 panels was made especially for TJC with its symbolic imagery underlining the importance of educational pursuits, service to both nation and our fellow Man, and as the accompanying photo attests, the role of educational institutions such as TJC in such noble endeavors. More than 4 decades on, Ng Eng Teng's hopes and aspirations for the younger generation continues to be a guiding light for both students and educators cast in stone. 


Many Houses, One Home

OurArtifacts_HouseShirts (1).png

The House system is a mainstay in many schools, designed to promote interactions and develop school spirit across different classes and levels. This culture building is especially important for a school with 6 levels spanning students 13 to 18 years of age offering a myriad selection of subject combinations.  The exigency of addressing such diversity accounts for the transition from subject based groupings reflected in the vintage House flags of the 3 Science stream Houses and 1 Arts-Commerce stream House to the current banners of the Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma Houses. This allowed students of different streams and levels to come together in support of their respective Houses, building ties and strengthening connections. Here we have our House and Vice-Captains from the Integrated Program contrasting the House flags of the past with those of the present. Though the form has changed, the future of the TJC House culture remains in good hands. 

State of the Art Performances

TJC has a long history of excellence in the performance arts, with artistes, musicians and thespians entertaining and inspiring generations of TJCians across the decades. The performance arts have received numerous accolades and have achieved much success within and abroad. This smorgasbord of memorabilia from our various performance events and media features attests to our continued mission of cultivating a love of the Arts among our students. 

Raw Photo (18).jpg

Legacy of Characters


It may not look like it but both of these signboards are carrying the same message - the 1990 version on the left carved in Traditional Chinese characters marks the introduction of the Chinese Language Elective Program (CLEP) in TJC while the signboard on the right embossed in Simplified Chinese Characters commemorates the 2005 opening of the dedicated CLEP. Both signboards nonetheless convey clearly the idea of passing down the love for the Chinese language from generation to generation, a responsibility that TJC will continue to steward in the years to come. 

Learning Across Languages

As a pioneer student in Temasek JC, Mdm Choo had the opportunity to study subjects like Geography in Mandarin as the college used to offer subjects in both English and Chinese language streams.  Mdm Choo has fond memories of this experience, recalling having to create a volcano out of clay and mimicking a volcanic eruption in the classroom. Her love for the Chinese language continues to this day, especially so in her role as the Head of Department for Mother Tongue. 


Pas De Deux - Step for Two

OurArtifacts_Dancers_Photo (2).jpg

Commissioned in 2002 and partly funded by TJC staff and other donors whose names are forever emblazoned on the sculpture's pedestal, Victor Tan's Dancers in the Wind is an iconic work of art that graces the open podium linking the existing school building with the Integrated Program classroom block. This is aligned with the meaning and intent of the sculpture - of two dancers in step reflecting Victor's vision of "coordinating individual movements to form a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts." Dancers in the Wind remains an ode to the union of the IP and JC programs in TJC, made even more breathtaking by the graceful flight of two of our Modern Dance Club members, Valerie and Isabelle. 

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