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Turn back the clock and participate once again in your favourite College activities and events!

TJC's Mardi Gras

Anecdotes by former TJC staff

“In those years of the TJC biennial Mardi Gras, the occasion itself would warrant lots of excitement and buzz, alongside nerves, last-minute rental of costumes and countless hours of planning and logistics management. It was a fun fair, a carnival and a concert all rolled into one, albeit with an extra dash of glamour and grandeur. I can still distinctly recall what I wore and performed at each of the five editions I was proudly part of, and these are memories that I fondly recall each time I think of TJC and my formative years as an educator.”

~ Daniel Chung, former Head of Department at TJC, and current Principal of Orchid Park Secondary School

“I remember Mardi Gras as more than an event. It was an evening where staff and students really let go of all formalities and celebrated the magic of the Arts. The whole campus would come alive with an energy that was like no other evening I have ever spent in TJ. I remember thinking as a teacher how precious this tradition was and how important because some experiences of being alive and togetherness cannot be quantified and cannot happen in a classroom and I was so proud to be part of a college that prioritised a safe place for students to have fun as an integral part of life.”

~ Pooja Nansi, former Head of Department at TJC and local poet

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