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Turn back the clock and participate once again in your favourite College activities and events!

TJC's Road Run

Every TJCian who has passed through the portals of our college would certainly have taken part in one of our signature activities – the Annual Road Run!!!

As seen from this original Extra Curricular Activities Participation Record, the Road Run has been a mainstay on the college calendar as early as the 1980s. We are grateful to Ng Siong Boon, Class of 1987 and former Head of Department at TJC, for sharing this piece of personal treasure. 

Siong Boon fondly remembers running the route around the hilly Lucky Heights neighbourhood as a student. Then in the 1990s to 2000s, the event took place at East Coast Parkway. In recent years, it was even held at the Tanjong Rhu area to provide students and staff with a different experience

Even in the midst of the pandemic, the college came up with an innovative idea of a virtual marathon (VM), where students and staff covered the marathon distance of 42.195km over a four-week period. This did not dampen their spirit at all as many participated enthusiastically! And this year, to commemorate our college’s 45th Anniversary, we organized VM+ with a distance of 45km, of course 😊! 

When recalling the best moments of Road Run, Siong Boon said he was heartened to see how students prepare so enthusiastically for the event, and on the actual day, the energy level was certainly through the roof! 

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